Thursday 18 July 2013


I'm excited to announce my impending solo exhibition, Sympony of Light, at Depot II Gallery, 2 Danks Street from 23 July - 3 August 2013. Inspired by the great Joseph Mallord William (JMW) Turner, I've produced a series of heart-felt, evanescent landscapes which were created completely in-camera, where elements of natural light and colour are freed from reality, delicately unveiling new visual symphonies, rich with mystery, beauty and romantic grandeur.

Under the same roof at Depot II you will also see my friend and revered painter, Matthew Weatherstone's solo exhibition, intimate expanse. Matthew also shares my passionate connection with natural light and his works are a contemplation of nature as both an allegory and object of inquiry, revealed and obscured by light, distance and darkness, ever the fount of mystery and wonder.

Exhibition details -
Location: Depot II Gallery, 2 Danks Street, Waterloo, NSW, 2107, Australia
Opening Night: 6-8pm, Tuesday, 23rd July, 2013
Opening Times: Tuesdays - Saturdays, 11am - 6pm, 23 July - 3 August 2013
More Information: Cade Turner 0415 887 637

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