Monday 25 July 2011

New Work: Sunburnt Country

Sunburnt Country IV, 2011, by Cade Turner 

Sunburnt Country is a new four-piece series shot in Scone, NSW Australia.  I really wanted this series to reflect the rural Australian landscape through a fresh, Impressionist style.  

Scone's countryside is quite dry and it can be challenging to find the right elements to work with that will produce a striking result.  I found by overexposing, I was able to achieve my colour palette, and by framing the large sky in the top four fifths of the frame, I was able to accentuate the enormity and dynamicism of the sky, in contrast to the minimal specks of the trees and cows.  The use of movement allowed me to erase and painterly blend some detail of the cows, trees and grass, which helps emphasise the huge sky.

In the three other works of the series (below), I pushed the exposure even further.  I wanted to push the scene's raw elements to their very edge, without losing context.  The series was shot completely in camera, single frame, with no montaging or afterwork.  


 Sunburnt Country III, I & II, 2011, by Cade Turner