Sunday 12 June 2011

New series: Renaissance de la nature

I was pleased to finally get a break from the city and head into the country at Easter to capture some new works.  Since I was eight, my father and I have been camping on a beautiful property in Scone, known as Belltrees (4 hours north-west of Sydney).  The Belltrees property has been owned by the White family since 1831.  My father has actually been camping on this property since he was 17, through a school friend.

I have called this particular series Renaissance de la nature (Rebirth of Nature).  I spent an entire afternoon down by the Hunter River which flows through the centre of the property.  I loved the blades of the last moments of sunlight which pierced through the trees, highlighting fine sections of the swirling water.   

When you sit by the flowing stream up close for some time, each moment seems to flow right into the next.  I wanted to get in between these moments, each twist and collision of water that was occurring in front of me.  I really wanted to use movement and long exposures to help me stretch time and portray the incredible beauty and dynamicism of these extraordinary moments, which are individually unique, yet impossible for the eye to see, let alone process.  I feel that each of these glimpses allows us observe the constant life cycle of nature at its minute level.

Where did my creative journey begin?

I have always felt a strong, emotional connection with light, shapes and colour.  But, although I was good at drawing and painting, it just didn't happen.  
In fact, my first artistic phase came through music, when I joined my primary school choir at the age of ten.  As soon as I had my first session, I was eager to learn the piano. I  borrowed a mate's miniature, single-octave keyboard and taught myself to read and play all the songs in our choir book.  This was the tipping point that convinced my parents to invest in a piano.
My piano was an old, WWII German up-right.  But to me, it was  just awesome to have 88 full-size keys! Within a few months, right before my 11th birthday, I had completed my first composition, which I called Mysterious Anonymous.  Twenty three years on and some twenty compositions later, Mysterious Anonymous remains my favourite written piece.  
Music was my life for ten years until my 21st birthday when my grandparents bought me my first Nikon 35mm camera.  This marked the beginning of my second phase: Art photography. 

For the past 12 years, I have dedicated my creative energy to art photography (film and digital) and have taught myself some unique, non-conventional techniques which have shaped and continue to shape out a certain contemplative focus on mood in my work.

Today, I find myself more inspired by painters, particularly the great Impressionists.  For the past two years, I have been exploring Impressionism through the lens (also known as Pictorialism), which I will discuss further in other posts.

I feel I will soon approach the third phase in my art journey - where my music and photography finally come together... more on this shortly!

Hello and welcome!

Hello and welcome to my blog! 
I really wanted to establish this blog so people can scratch the surface and learn more about me, my creative journey as an artist, and what inspires and drives me to create my work.  
Please feel free to engage with and become part of this blog at any time.  I encourage you to post your comments and feedback, or just sit back and enjoy the odd post every now and again ;)  
Also, if there's something you'd like to hear more of, just ask and I am happy to respond!