Wednesday 14 December 2011

New Work: Palazzo di Colori

Palazzo di Colori, 2011

Palazzo di Colori, 2011, was captured in Nolita, New York City, while on tour for my first exhibition.  Like all of my work, I shoot within a single frame (no montaging or multiple exposure) and my work undergoes no afterwork.  Once the shutter closes, my work is done.

Palazzo di Colori (Palace of Colours) is a continuation on my fascination with light, colour and movement, loosely connected or suspended together in a somewhat abstract fashion, which allows us to reflect on this scene from a completely new visual dimension.  

I roam the streets, mostly with my eyes out of focus, searching for first impressions that strike me with extraordinary moments of light and colour.  Once I find my colour palette, I then study it until it speaks to me.  There's barely any logical thought process involved.  I let myself go to emotionally connect with the colours and shapes being created.  Sometimes this happens instantly, but sometimes it takes a while to find the true story I want to tell.  Sometimes it doesn't work at all, and so I move on.

I love working with the camera loosely, using non-traditional, self-taught techniques, allowing colours to mix and intertwine and create new visual dimensions.  These days, I rarely use a tripod.  In fact, I find a tripod quite restricting (like crutches).  I connect with my camera like a painter to their brush, or a musician to their instrument.  It's an extension of myself that moves and flows emotionally with me, capturing the real energy from the scene in front of me, not in a split second, but within a passage of time. 

More new works from New York releasing shortly...